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People come and go in our lives. What they will teach us will remain forever. Claudia Pinto is one of the most beautiful surfers I’ve ever seen – not only externally but also in her soul. Enter to her world and see what really means: ,,Living a salty sunny life”.


How look like your typical day?

Well it really depends, if I’m home it’s a bit random because I do a lot of random stuff… I take breakfast very serious no matter where I am or what time I’m waking up, it’s my favorite meal!

I like to always find a way to spend the European winter somewhere warm where I can find peace and good waves. In that case I’d be waking up to paddle out at sunrise, back to the shore for water and food, take a nap or a massage, and probably if the conditions are good, a sunset session. In this case I’d waking up really early and I’ll be ready to bed around 9 pm ahah.

I’m not really into parties that much, I guess it depends on the environment and music. My ideal party would be a sunset after surf with my friends and some good live music.

When I’m in Portugal, here I try to surf everyday, if the conditions aren’t good I will at least go to the gym or do something to keep feeling active, that makes me feel good. I consider myself a very hard person to define, and I actually like it! I don’t like labels, I leave that for very good wine and not for people.

You can see me hanging out with my friends in my hometown at the beach, shooting a campaign for some fashion brand, talking about the reason of life, hosting a tv show, playing piano, singing, painting, sitting in one of those very fancy events, walking my dog at the natural reserve where I live or just spreading my passion for surf around. Routines are my worse nightmare, so it’s hard to talk about that but the one thing I do everyday for sure is wake up and sleep early, I’m a daytime kinda person.

If you could surf in a chosen place in the world now, where would it be?

Right now? Well… Batukaras in Java. Oh I love that wave! I can’t wait to walk on those perfects lines again!

What is the title of the book you recently read and which was really unique?

“Thinking fast and slow” by the great Daniel Kahneman. In a very easy way to understand this psychology master explains how without noticing we’re very influenced by the context when our brain is receiving and processing information. It’s a good book to become aware about some issues in our minds that most of the time we don’t notice, and I believe becoming aware of something is the first step to improvement and I take the important of Mind very serious.

On your instagram we can find sentence: ,,Living a salty sunny life” What does it really means to you?

Feeling salt and sun touching my skin always had a special meaning to me. For some reason, I always felt good close to the ocean, or in other way of telling this, having salty and sunny days.

There’s something about the effects of immersing yourself in the ocean and sunlight that, in my opinion goes way beyond science. To me it represents happiness, and the sentence

“Living a salty sunny life” means that
I’m here to enjoy every single moment of this beautiful thing called Life.

Someone once taught me how important it is to live every single day as if it was the last one. Feel happy with the present not pushing yourself too much into expectations and fears, those feelings are about a future that is not even ours yet and might be blocking us to live the present. It’s good to project the future if you can do it in a good positive way, but if not, the only thing we have is this very special gift, the present that life is giving us right now.

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