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#BehindTheWindow: Meleana Estes

Colour, smile, beauty and joy. These words best describe Meleana and the work she does. I'm taking you to the most beautiful flower studio with charming Lei Maker.


Meleana is a fresh voice in modern Hawaiian entertaining and fashion, an enthusiastic celebrator of Hawaiian culture and the spirit of Aloha. Founded by Meleana Estes in 2008, the Meleana brand is informed by her myriad experiences growing up on a banana farm on Kauai, living with her Tutu in Honolulu spending her university years in Boston, Massachusetts and Australia, and later, living in New York City.

We can't leave our houses now. Tell us your favorite view from behind the window, what do you see every morning, what do you admire for? 

I am super lucky!  I flew home to Kauai to spend spring break with my Mom, and sister and all of her keiki (children) so, when all this got super real, I was already here.  The view from my mom’s is pretty amazing.  We live on a large property with family and  look out over a ravine and beyond that, the ocean.   So... a lot of green and a little blue.  It is pretty open, so we feel all the elements but I am so grateful to feel so connected to nature so easily. 

What's your favorite time of day and why?

Hmmmm.. I do love sunset.  I love the way the world turns a perfect shade of pink/orange and everyone slows down to enjoy this small window of beauty.

  When are you the most inspired?

I am most inspired when I have my running shoes on and going on a long solo run.  

It is a mixture of motivation and inspiration but I always feel like I have figured out my career, designed 10 things and solved the worlds problems after one of my runs.  

What makes you smile the most?

My son laughing and smiling.  And a fun long left on a glassy day (surfing). And my uncles playing music on our back porch.  And friends laughing over cocktails at something ridiculous.  

What are the three things you can’t live without?

My sons morning snuggles, my dips in the ocean, carbohydrates. 

How would you define yourself in three words?

lively, insightful, determined 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Love like you want to be loved.  

What are you currently reading?

My favorite book from childhood. “Blue Skin of  the sea” By Graham Salsburry 

How do you start your day?

I have REALLY been trying to meditate!  But man it's hard.  Helps me to do 5 sun salutations then sit.  But, no matter what, I always drink 2 or more cups of water from a Measuring cup then on to an iced coffee of some sort and then after I drop by son at School I am determined to get in a run or surf, it always gets my day started right.

What would you advise a person who comes to Hawaii?

I would advise postponing a trip to Hawaii, so you can enjoy the full experience of beautiful farmers markets, great sushi rolls, and hospitality who is not feeling compromised.  

It is a VERY hard time everywhere.  A lot of Hawaii relies on visitors but also feel very at risk as the planes keep arriving.  It is a small and fragile place, it is helpful to be cognizant of how large your footprint really is.  

At the core of Meleana is her flower artistry, realized through lei- making, botanical table scapes and decor. Meleana learned from her Tutu who was well known throughout Hawaii for her intricate and stunning leis and for the warmth with which she shared them. Meleana continues this legacy, now contributing her work to photo shoots and fashion shows, in addition to teaching the art of lei- making through signature workshops. The infectious aloha with which Hawaiian’s share lei and hospitality inspires all of Meleana’s teaching and creations.

More about Meleana:


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