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Mea Terra – sand delights

Everything good in life, it started with a dream, a dream that became a vision. Sea salt sand. Pure simple true. Their biggest challenge: keeping these qualities untouched and adding our greatest heritage, philoxenia. Eagerness to share hospitality, the love of strangers that become friends & that’s how Mea Terra comes to life.


The main concept behind Mea Terra was to create a place where people could gather and enjoy a relaxing day under the sun accompanied by the glimmering sparkle of fresh cocktails, delicious Greek dishes and great music tunes. Restaurant’s philosophy lies behind the meaning of the word Gastronomy itself: The art of choosing, cooking and eating good food.

,,We travel, discover and always return to the blessings of the Greek Land. Extra virgin olive oil, the aromas of dried thyme, oregano and rosemary in a hot summer noon. The juices of a ripe tomato and the zest of lemons. Going back to the roots, reviving tradition and memories with flavours and aromas in your plate. This is our greatest challenge"

All classics, signature blends or champagne cocktails made by experienced mixologists are served to your comfortable sunbed, as an aperitif to your table or at the end of your meal to clear your palate. Rebellious and unconventional in nature, with daring cocktails and epic music from around the world, becomes today’s hideout for a true Rhodian adventure.

Not only taste

Esthir and Theros are two little pieces of heaven within the summer paradise of Mea Terra that will host your private moments with pampering tailor-made services and utmost privacy. Here, you can rest and repose from the bustle of the beach, you can refresh your look or even relax in your private outdoor pool. Check their apartments >>>


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